Precision Thread Grinding

Precision thread grinding and rolling lead screws, worms, thread cores for molding.​

MaterialsAny grindable material to R/C-68
Max. size
2.5 inch diameter x any length
12 inch diameter x 105 inches between centers
63.5 Mm x any length
304.8Mm x 2667Mm
Min. size
0.040 diameter x 2 inch long
1.0 Mm x 50 Mm
Max. pitch
Limited by lead angle
Min. pitch
No. of thread starts
Limited by lead angle
LeadAny lead within 0.0001 thru requirement
0.00254Mm thru requirement
Thread Form
Any standard or special form
Lead Error
0.0001 per inch or 0.0005 per foot
0.0025Mm (2.5 microns) per 25Mm Or
0.0127Mm (10 microns) per 304Mm

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